A Great Vlogger To Follow: Emma Blackery

I’ve been following Emma Blackery for a little over a year now and watched her and her channel grow immensely! She is a sharp and sassy, down to earth chick who’s humor is unparalleled to any other Vlogger I personally keep up to date on. Along with her feel good vlogs and music she has also shaved her head for cancer, and made countless videos that raise your spirits. Her humor is dark enough to notice but appropriately executed.  Here are my top 6 Emma Blackery videos.

The “Fuck you google plus song” One of her most popular videos. Though it is not the same style as her published music. which are more “feel good” style

Board enough to Google yourself? I never pulled anything like this up when I did.

I could realy relate to this one. FUNNY!

Emma loves to answer your questions. As weird as they may be!

This video got me into apple spice herbal tea. A great talk on how to sleep healthily.

I was really happy to see she will be doing more book reviews. I am currently reading “Steve Jobs” now and want to pick up a couple others in this list some time soon.

I really hope you enjoy her as much as I do!!!! ;D

Art Meets Science!

They seem unlikely companions at first thought but many Scientist-hybrid-Artists are out there bringing the two together in a spectacular show of beautiful aesthetics and curious wonder!
Here are two such finds that have grabbed my eye.

SymbioticA : the “Tissue and Culture Art Project
A group from the Western Institute of Australia has developed a program for artist and scientist to mix the two creatives and thus SymbioticA gave birth to this new project.
“With an emphasis on experiential practice, SymbioticA encourages better understanding and articulation of cultural ideas around scientific knowledge and informed critique of the ethical and cultural issues of life manipulation.”  – WIA
From semi living steak to semi living worry dolls, all sorts of questions begin to arise about possibilitys and ethics.
Once such art piece is a ‘living’ coat. Titled “Victomless Leather“, it was made of mouse stem cells though unfortunately had to be put down when it began to out grow it incubation chamber. See featured image above.

O how i want to pack my bags and move to western Australia right now… first person to guess why wins an imaginary sports car.

I also found this one from Vik Muniz in Mexico looks pretty friendly doesn’t it? like a nice wall paper or print. Nope, liver cells infected with small pox vaccine.

Vik_Muniz_1-1024x1019 A small clipping from artofsavingalife.com
 “As artist Vik Muniz writes: “The artwork is a microscopic pattern of liver cells infected with a smallpox vaccine virus. After infection, the virus turns the cells a reddish color which allows scientists to visualize infection.” The image was created in a laboratory using micro-fabrication techniques and a high-resolution microscope. Vik then digitally colors the images and makes wall-sized prints “that allow viewers to see both the individual cells, and the pattern as a whole.”

About My Great Day

This passing valentines day I volunteered at my local church with some, more special than your average, people. I found them to be the funniest and most warm hearted people you could ever meet.To top it all off, today I passed two I had meet only briefly and they recognized me! Not only that, as I walked past there was an exchange of big grins and high fives. Not something I think I’d ever do with any other person i’d only ever meet once. In that moment I felt a little bit more a part of the community which also seemed slightly brighter. Such a little thing, But such an awesome day because of it. The Intellectually disabled, particularly down syndrome, can be so confident and eccentric and comedic. There is so much we can learn from them, especially socially, that it is a shame they are judged by those who fear people who are different. They show us, we are socially disabled.

 images (11)

A Cool Resource For Artists

I found  fantastic site for artist although it is directed at high school art students, it has a lot to offer for any artist! It is full of inspiring and practical articles. One I used today for my daily drawing, from an article “how to draw and paint faster” And another is full of amazing photography techniques that I can have a look at for my new project about creepy photo’s

It’s so rich with goodies…Check it out!


Creepy photo’s : A Project Start Point

The other day I picked up a book from the library called “Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children”. I had put it on hold several months ago and had forgotten all about it. I had just that day to pick it up. So I did.
The book so far has been FANTASTIC! However, this is not a book review. The novel is full of vernacular photography, some of it strange and some, down right creepy.
Vernacular photography is that of common everyday things and subjects. As wiki puts it “vernacular” is a quality of being indigenous or native.
On the left a photo from the novel, the right a standard vernacular from Google images



While having a look into this kind of image I found another kind of photography…Post-mortem photography! family photos taken with the deceased and posed to look alive. A common practice in that era.

Shortly after I found an article on a new blog I’ve been reading about a mannequin some people believe to be a well preserved corpse! Just look at that hand!

I love the kinds of things that give me chills, and even more so the subject looks interesting enough for a long term project. So here is where I am going to start developing my first project. Creepy photographic collections 😉

The World As Inspiration Part Two: Where To Find The Great Ideas!

Not everyone wants to stay at home and search online for ideas, and although you can with all the following resources, to some degree, they will be more effective to check out in person. Some of these are continual, some are events and need to be marked in your calender…or Filofax 😉

Public Resource Centers.
Not only does your local library stock many fantastic books to borrow, but often they hold events and clubs for all sorts of topics. From talks to challenges and competitions. This also goes for museums and art gallery’s! Often which, include films and documentary’s being screened and fresh and changing exhibitions. These places also have information and public notice boards which can turn up some awesome stuff too!

museum s
ike here, in the space of 13 days there are 10 really cool things on and that is just the art gallery!

News and newspapers!
In paying special attention to local papers and smaller news groups in the deeper internet I noticed the wealth of cool things sprouting out. Community projects, Local or weird artists, more events and silly little things that people do that turns heads. Keep an eye also on the public notices, they’re full of surprises. From corn field mazes you didn’t existed, to discovering extra little museums you didn’t even know you had. I found in just this weeks smaller paper at least 20 or so things that would be fun to work with.
I’ll also put radio stations in this section. There a range of talk radio stations that have fantastic content. One of which I listen to often is the “Dark Matter Radio” The have a range of shows, some better used for sparking your imagination than anything else but they do have great physic shows. When I say better used for imagination, many shows are conspiracy and paranormal based. But the content is fantastic! It can be a little like a radio version of ‘Fringe’ at times and some of it even has me fearing the black eyed children that may come knocking my door at night. Either way, have a Google search around at the many radio stations around the world!

Cool events, holidays and observances!
Bubble-bath day anyone? What about beer can appreciation day? Peculiar People Day, Rubber Duckie Day, Felt Hat Day, Floral Design Day… The list is huge! That doesn’t include special event celebrations in your town or city! I just found out today I missed out on a free breakfast for bikers on a “bike to work” day I believe. In that alone I remembered I wanted to bike around my country with a sketchbook or two and document my journey. Events will be something you’ll have to Google yourself for your area but below are some websites listing observance by date 😉 You may have notice in the sketchbook project that I like to use these as drawing prompts as well as project ideas.
Wiki un-offical obervances.

Free courses and Education tools

That’s right free! and not just that, vast topic ranges and quality education! My favorites so far are Coursera which has courses from many prestigious university’s and TED, probably the most popular.
Open Culture
KHAN Academy
There is NO excuse to not find something with this list! There will be thousands and thousands of great courses to choose from. I don’t really do full courses personally, I just love the access to the lectures and pod casts!

Still have free time to sit and say “I don’t know what to do? I have no ideas or inspiration!”? Private message me so we can meet up and I can slap you with a dead fish 😀


The World As Inspiration Part One: How to find ideas in anything!

I am going to start you guys off with two compelling quotes before I dive into the first part of this mini blog series. I believe it will help you find some of the coolest things to pull inspiration from as well as how to find inspiration in anything. 😀
I am arming you with the later first, so you’ll know how to make the most of mining the real gems


I wouldn’t use a club personally, I find notebooks are far more efficient! which leads me to the next quote

Your-mind-is-for-having-e1354843216938Your most important tool as are your sketchbooks and notebooks. You need to carry them on you everywhere you go. why? because the day you don’t, you’ll forget that wonderful idea or miss the chance to even have that idea in the first place! All around you and everywhere you go there are things to use! especially if you do it deliberately! Cameras can also be an asset.

Here is a little exercise I use to keep me sharp on creative ideas. It helps you develop ideas faster and look at things differently once you realize that everything has more potential than you would originally judge it to have.

1 T2JqZWN0c18wMi5qcGc=
#1 Look around you and pick something, anything! It could be a pillow, a plant,a book, a piece of carpet or…even a blank wall.

  • #2 Take that thing and start brainstorming ideas! There are different ways you can do this, and I suggest giving them all a go because the more angles you look at something the more idea starting points it will have but don’t forget to write them down. Take for instance the carpet.

    #3. What is it’s actual use; when and why was it invented, what trends did it go through, where did it come from, what is it made of.

    #4. What could you use it for; A rug, you could hang it on the wall, on a table, A blanket.

    #5. What particular elements of it could be used and how; the texture might make cool prints with paint onto paper, it’s tough and be good for solid sculptures, it insulates, it protects.

    #6. What could you physically do to it? Burn it, roll yourself up in it, Paint it, cut it into shapes,

    #7. Mixing these answers together is where the magic happens

It’s tough and insulates, you can cut it and paint it so you could make a Tepee
You could roll yourself up in it, cover it in paint and roll across some paper while inside it.
You could make it into wall paper and paint prints onto it
You could make a really durable pencil case with it
You could work on a series of prints and designs of the life time of carpets (which I bet full of cool patterns)

This list would grow really quickly, as will how you question the item, and the more you practice the better and faster you will get. And that’s just carpet, Imagine picking something you have a passion or deeper interest in! Just remember to practice on other items to though, you’ll think of things you never would have thought of before!

I have no right to the photo’s on this article as they are found in Google images

About Page

So I finally sat down and gave you guys an about page. This I hope will reflect where I want this blog to head, and thus, helping you decided if it’s the blog you’ve been looking for; as it is the blog I was. I will be beginning my projects soon but first I will be doing a few blogs on finding things to develop your ideas from, because the world is so full of stuff to use! It’s not just about where but how to look. I will be doing this in a few parts so it’s not overwhelming and than picking one for myself to start with. From community events to your local learning hubs, there is no excuse to not find something that gets your brain firing!

Todays sketchbook

2.5 Hour Sketchbook Attepmt

After reading an article by “Doodlers-anonymous” about Indian artist Vishnu M Nair, I decided I wanted to have a go. I really should have had a look to see what size sketchbook he used and how many pages though, because i ended up with a lot more to do in that 2 and half hours. To the left is mine, the right is his.

20150209_204728  01212015154159831330

I should have had about 1 and a half minuets to do each page, however, with the occasional pause between page and losing time scribbling in some colour it took me around 3.5 to 4 hours. In 2.5 hours I managed 47 illustrations!

2015-02-09 00.17.29 2015-02-09 00.17.01

2015-02-09 00.19.34 20150209_002052

#1 through to #94. Seems there is no way to have a little gallery :/
Enjoy 😉