How Not To Blog!

I know the rules to good blogging, I’ve read through more material on the subject than is necessary to start. So why am I using none of it!

Worst rule brake: consistency. You have to enjoy what you are doing. I love blogging, but there is something getting in my way… It doesn’t matter how much you enjoy something, if the instrument is crappy you’re not going to want to play it! There needs to be a warning on this hosting site that it is NOT and that there is such a huge difference!
I discovered all this when I wanted to begin customizing my site, I know what I want, it will involve plug-ins and eventually when I develop this skill set java and cute little things that will make my blog feel like my cave and most of all I want to learn how to turn this in to a career!
However, there are no plug-ins here, no room for customize unless you have loads of cash to throw away and no chance of monetization or anything remotely commerce like!

So i’ll be moving to “.org” but to do this I need a new host, here’s where I ran into a snag. I know the host company I want,  my brother and his team are building it! but it’s not quite ready. You may be asking, “Why risk a hatchling host site built by your brother in the basement if you seem to ‘think’ you’re blog might eventually take off?” or “That’s a fast track to error 509” (I’m assuming 509 is too much traffic for the server to handle and not just running out of your monthly hosting bandwidth… fucked if I really know)
I have two big reasons. second one first, it’s not being built like it sounds. The team are professional, motivated and I have hope they will take over the world which leads me to the first and BIGGEST reason I’ve chosen to wait and show patience… I can’t tell you. It’s actually, relatively, temporarily a secret. Ha!
But don’t worry, as soon as I get given the thumbs up I’ll be pushing and helping to market it like a MO’FO because it is the coolest thing! So you’ll be the first to know, my one and only subscriber whom I think may possibly be me. Look at you! 😉

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And remember kids, Sharing Is Caring! 😉



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