My 5 Favourite Sketchbook Vloggers

For me, the one thing that guarantees inspiration for picking up my sketchbook is having a look at other people’s. There are some pretty insane sketchbooks out there! and people use them in some interesting ways. Some people’s are full of perfectly finished illustrations while others are a little more down to earth and are full of quick ideas and scribbles. Some are full of glued in pictures and mixed media, some just pen and pencil, some are themed all the way through and some are full of loads of different eccentric topics. There are so many too, so you’ll never run out.
Here are some of my favorites that I always tend to watch when I’m on a sketchbook low, and they always put my pencil to paper in no time!

#1 Peter Draws.
With Peter, it’s not just the fantastic line drawings but the commentary. He’s inspiring and has a very zen like style to his videos as he imparts his wisdom onto the audience and always wishes us all well with out fail. The combination of soft musings and mind-boggling work is like taking a calming happy pill.

#2 Will Terrell
Will is another artist that does a great commentary. Through his conversation he has a lot to teach, and what he teaches has tremendous value not just for drawing but life in general. He is another exceptionally intelligent person on this list.

#3 entries for the “Calarts”
“CalArts Sketchbooks” is a search tag that pulls up gold everytime! I spend a lot of time enviously watching what these guys produce.

#4 Drawing tutorials online/ The students books
Matt is one lucky teacher! Sketchbook after sketchbook from some of the most talented students on the planet! He runs two online courses for drawing and painting and also teaches in NY. His New York students sketchbooks are uploaded to YouTube via his phone so we can gobble up some sketchbook eye candy.

#5 ‘Sam Makes Pictures’
This is a one off sketchbook share. He has a total of 5 videos and hadn’t uploaded a video for 2 years until 2 months ago… His videos obviously made a good impression because since he hasn’t been uploading, his video never made it to my feed. I found it today, when i remembered him for you guys, so thankyou!

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