2.5 Hour Sketchbook Attepmt

After reading an article by “Doodlers-anonymous” about Indian artist Vishnu M Nair, I decided I wanted to have a go. I really should have had a look to see what size sketchbook he used and how many pages though, because i ended up with a lot more to do in that 2 and half hours. To the left is mine, the right is his.

20150209_204728  01212015154159831330

I should have had about 1 and a half minuets to do each page, however, with the occasional pause between page and losing time scribbling in some colour it took me around 3.5 to 4 hours. In 2.5 hours I managed 47 illustrations!

2015-02-09 00.17.29 2015-02-09 00.17.01

2015-02-09 00.19.34 20150209_002052

#1 through to #94. Seems there is no way to have a little gallery :/
Enjoy 😉


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