Creepy photo’s : A Project Start Point

The other day I picked up a book from the library called “Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children”. I had put it on hold several months ago and had forgotten all about it. I had just that day to pick it up. So I did.
The book so far has been FANTASTIC! However, this is not a book review. The novel is full of vernacular photography, some of it strange and some, down right creepy.
Vernacular photography is that of common everyday things and subjects. As wiki puts it “vernacular” is a quality of being indigenous or native.
On the left a photo from the novel, the right a standard vernacular from Google images



While having a look into this kind of image I found another kind of photography…Post-mortem photography! family photos taken with the deceased and posed to look alive. A common practice in that era.

Shortly after I found an article on a new blog I’ve been reading about a mannequin some people believe to be a well preserved corpse! Just look at that hand!

I love the kinds of things that give me chills, and even more so the subject looks interesting enough for a long term project. So here is where I am going to start developing my first project. Creepy photographic collections 😉


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