About My Great Day

This passing valentines day I volunteered at my local church with some, more special than your average, people. I found them to be the funniest and most warm hearted people you could ever meet.To top it all off, today I passed two I had meet only briefly and they recognized me! Not only that, as I walked past there was an exchange of big grins and high fives. Not something I think I’d ever do with any other person i’d only ever meet once. In that moment I felt a little bit more a part of the community which also seemed slightly brighter. Such a little thing, But such an awesome day because of it. The Intellectually disabled, particularly down syndrome, can be so confident and eccentric and comedic. There is so much we can learn from them, especially socially, that it is a shame they are judged by those who fear people who are different. They show us, we are socially disabled.

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