Art Meets Science!

They seem unlikely companions at first thought but many Scientist-hybrid-Artists are out there bringing the two together in a spectacular show of beautiful aesthetics and curious wonder!
Here are two such finds that have grabbed my eye.

SymbioticA : the “Tissue and Culture Art Project
A group from the Western Institute of Australia has developed a program for artist and scientist to mix the two creatives and thus SymbioticA gave birth to this new project.
“With an emphasis on experiential practice, SymbioticA encourages better understanding and articulation of cultural ideas around scientific knowledge and informed critique of the ethical and cultural issues of life manipulation.”  – WIA
From semi living steak to semi living worry dolls, all sorts of questions begin to arise about possibilitys and ethics.
Once such art piece is a ‘living’ coat. Titled “Victomless Leather“, it was made of mouse stem cells though unfortunately had to be put down when it began to out grow it incubation chamber. See featured image above.

O how i want to pack my bags and move to western Australia right now… first person to guess why wins an imaginary sports car.

I also found this one from Vik Muniz in Mexico looks pretty friendly doesn’t it? like a nice wall paper or print. Nope, liver cells infected with small pox vaccine.

Vik_Muniz_1-1024x1019 A small clipping from
 “As artist Vik Muniz writes: “The artwork is a microscopic pattern of liver cells infected with a smallpox vaccine virus. After infection, the virus turns the cells a reddish color which allows scientists to visualize infection.” The image was created in a laboratory using micro-fabrication techniques and a high-resolution microscope. Vik then digitally colors the images and makes wall-sized prints “that allow viewers to see both the individual cells, and the pattern as a whole.”


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