A Great Vlogger To Follow: Emma Blackery

I’ve been following Emma Blackery for a little over a year now and watched her and her channel grow immensely! She is a sharp and sassy, down to earth chick who’s humor is unparalleled to any other Vlogger I personally keep up to date on. Along with her feel good vlogs and music she has also shaved her head for cancer, and made countless videos that raise your spirits. Her humor is dark enough to notice but appropriately executed.  Here are my top 6 Emma Blackery videos.

The “Fuck you google plus song” One of her most popular videos. Though it is not the same style as her published music. which are more “feel good” style

Board enough to Google yourself? I never pulled anything like this up when I did.

I could realy relate to this one. FUNNY!

Emma loves to answer your questions. As weird as they may be!

This video got me into apple spice herbal tea. A great talk on how to sleep healthily.

I was really happy to see she will be doing more book reviews. I am currently reading “Steve Jobs” now and want to pick up a couple others in this list some time soon.

I really hope you enjoy her as much as I do!!!! ;D


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