Is Your Childhood Ruined Yet?

I really don’t know how to put this..
Your childhood is either about to be ruined or you may find new interest in old friends. Either way here’s a fresh look at the past. Enjoy

I know this first one is from “Dogma” but it has a strong point about “Alice In Wonderland” AKA “Through The Looking Glass”

Your childhood friends may have had horrible existences

These Princesses aren’t so sweet and although i’m sure the real Cinderella wouldn’t use the same profanity, the points made pertinent.

Off to see the wizard? He might tell you a little bit about gold in regards to our economy.


9 thoughts on “Is Your Childhood Ruined Yet?

      1. Glad to have people like you to help the animals. I despite people who would go and harm them helpless animals. Never will understand it.

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