Tetrachromacy: Some people see more colours than we could ever imagine

I had always wondered myself if “your red is the same as my red” I also wondered about what the mantis shrimp see with it’s sixteen colour receptors (cones). We have three! These enable us to see red, blue, yellow and all the other colours they make.

Ok…well most of us have three. There has been a rear condition more recently bought to our attention. Some people, mainly woman, who have four. These people are tetrachromats and usually come from genetics where a family member is colour blind (most commonly the father)
Her is one tetrachromat who, probably not coincidentally, is an artist.

And here is that mantis shrimp I was telling you about. It can pick up 1500 newtons of force with its claws, accelerating the same as a twenty-two caliber rifle which boils the surrounding water creating bubbles and then, when these bubbles pop, a shockwave killing the pray even when the mantis shrimp misses the target. Check it out 



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