Art Journalist: Milliande

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Milliande has been one of my favorite mixed journalist for years. She shares many wonderful techniques and has hundreds of great videos so you’ll never run out of stuff to watch! I really wanted all you artists out there to be able to make use of all the really tools you can gain from this incredibly creative woman!

Some of videos are a little long to use as snippets and you really want to sit down with them and take notes. Here are some photo’s I pinched from her blog 😉

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(That awkward moment when you can’t find yesterdays blog and realize you made it its own a page :/)

Tetrachromacy: Some people see more colours than we could ever imagine

I had always wondered myself if “your red is the same as my red” I also wondered about what the mantis shrimp see with it’s sixteen colour receptors (cones). We have three! These enable us to see red, blue, yellow and all the other colours they make.

Ok…well most of us have three. There has been a rear condition more recently bought to our attention. Some people, mainly woman, who have four. These people are tetrachromats and usually come from genetics where a family member is colour blind (most commonly the father)
Her is one tetrachromat who, probably not coincidentally, is an artist.

And here is that mantis shrimp I was telling you about. It can pick up 1500 newtons of force with its claws, accelerating the same as a twenty-two caliber rifle which boils the surrounding water creating bubbles and then, when these bubbles pop, a shockwave killing the pray even when the mantis shrimp misses the target. Check it out 


Another Cool Place for Artists! is another place where you can “showcase and discover creative work” I only found this site today and although I don’t know a whole lot about it, just searching around at the projects and art works is a jaw dropping experience. It’s free to sign up and they quote it to be “the worlds leading platform for creative professionals across all industries.”
These guys also have a curated site called “Illustration Served” which your work can be considered for but only if you are signed up to Behanced.

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here are a couple of the cool things I found on served and behance.
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Is Your Childhood Ruined Yet?

I really don’t know how to put this..
Your childhood is either about to be ruined or you may find new interest in old friends. Either way here’s a fresh look at the past. Enjoy

I know this first one is from “Dogma” but it has a strong point about “Alice In Wonderland” AKA “Through The Looking Glass”

Your childhood friends may have had horrible existences

These Princesses aren’t so sweet and although i’m sure the real Cinderella wouldn’t use the same profanity, the points made pertinent.

Off to see the wizard? He might tell you a little bit about gold in regards to our economy.

Failure: what I did about it!

“our greatest glory is not in never failing but in rising every time we fall” – Confucius

It’s been a while since I blogged. I should apologize mostly to myself for this, I wanted to post everyday and I broke my 365 day sketchbook challenge. None of this means I have failed, unless I continue to not try. This I will be restarting tomorrow.

We should all remember not to be too hard on ourselves, no matter the failure. We live in a world that seems like it could never get harsher… then it does. My personal downfall is the inability to cope with the environmental, child and animal abuse. This time I did something more about it than sharing some petitions and posts to my friends: I adopted a shelter dog!


His new name is King Arthur. He was a victim of extreme abuse and witness to the massacre of his pack with a trigger happy @$$h0le who deserves nothing but the burning fires of hell for all eternity. Arthur, his mother and one other pup escaped and where found hiding in a ditch.
At this point, he is very timid and frightened of most males but is slowly coming around to a few close friends. He has anxiety attacks and when he heard fireworks about a week ago, he ran inside to hide and was hyperventilating and foaming at the mouth.
It’s going to be a long journey, but he has already made vast improvements. His confidence is growing and so is his trust in my closer circle of friends and family. He’s so gentle with small children it warms your heart.


I’ve ordered him and I a special necklace from the animal rescue site, If you love animals and want to check out their store or sign up for their emails, Please check it out and show your support. They raise money for a great cause and even tell you how many bowls of food you’ll be shouting our fury friends if you purchase an item.

A Great Vlogger To Follow: Emma Blackery

I’ve been following Emma Blackery for a little over a year now and watched her and her channel grow immensely! She is a sharp and sassy, down to earth chick who’s humor is unparalleled to any other Vlogger I personally keep up to date on. Along with her feel good vlogs and music she has also shaved her head for cancer, and made countless videos that raise your spirits. Her humor is dark enough to notice but appropriately executed.  Here are my top 6 Emma Blackery videos.

The “Fuck you google plus song” One of her most popular videos. Though it is not the same style as her published music. which are more “feel good” style

Board enough to Google yourself? I never pulled anything like this up when I did.

I could realy relate to this one. FUNNY!

Emma loves to answer your questions. As weird as they may be!

This video got me into apple spice herbal tea. A great talk on how to sleep healthily.

I was really happy to see she will be doing more book reviews. I am currently reading “Steve Jobs” now and want to pick up a couple others in this list some time soon.

I really hope you enjoy her as much as I do!!!! ;D

Art Meets Science!

They seem unlikely companions at first thought but many Scientist-hybrid-Artists are out there bringing the two together in a spectacular show of beautiful aesthetics and curious wonder!
Here are two such finds that have grabbed my eye.

SymbioticA : the “Tissue and Culture Art Project
A group from the Western Institute of Australia has developed a program for artist and scientist to mix the two creatives and thus SymbioticA gave birth to this new project.
“With an emphasis on experiential practice, SymbioticA encourages better understanding and articulation of cultural ideas around scientific knowledge and informed critique of the ethical and cultural issues of life manipulation.”  – WIA
From semi living steak to semi living worry dolls, all sorts of questions begin to arise about possibilitys and ethics.
Once such art piece is a ‘living’ coat. Titled “Victomless Leather“, it was made of mouse stem cells though unfortunately had to be put down when it began to out grow it incubation chamber. See featured image above.

O how i want to pack my bags and move to western Australia right now… first person to guess why wins an imaginary sports car.

I also found this one from Vik Muniz in Mexico looks pretty friendly doesn’t it? like a nice wall paper or print. Nope, liver cells infected with small pox vaccine.

Vik_Muniz_1-1024x1019 A small clipping from
 “As artist Vik Muniz writes: “The artwork is a microscopic pattern of liver cells infected with a smallpox vaccine virus. After infection, the virus turns the cells a reddish color which allows scientists to visualize infection.” The image was created in a laboratory using micro-fabrication techniques and a high-resolution microscope. Vik then digitally colors the images and makes wall-sized prints “that allow viewers to see both the individual cells, and the pattern as a whole.”

About My Great Day

This passing valentines day I volunteered at my local church with some, more special than your average, people. I found them to be the funniest and most warm hearted people you could ever meet.To top it all off, today I passed two I had meet only briefly and they recognized me! Not only that, as I walked past there was an exchange of big grins and high fives. Not something I think I’d ever do with any other person i’d only ever meet once. In that moment I felt a little bit more a part of the community which also seemed slightly brighter. Such a little thing, But such an awesome day because of it. The Intellectually disabled, particularly down syndrome, can be so confident and eccentric and comedic. There is so much we can learn from them, especially socially, that it is a shame they are judged by those who fear people who are different. They show us, we are socially disabled.

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A Cool Resource For Artists

I found  fantastic site for artist although it is directed at high school art students, it has a lot to offer for any artist! It is full of inspiring and practical articles. One I used today for my daily drawing, from an article “how to draw and paint faster” And another is full of amazing photography techniques that I can have a look at for my new project about creepy photo’s

It’s so rich with goodies…Check it out!


Creepy photo’s : A Project Start Point

The other day I picked up a book from the library called “Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children”. I had put it on hold several months ago and had forgotten all about it. I had just that day to pick it up. So I did.
The book so far has been FANTASTIC! However, this is not a book review. The novel is full of vernacular photography, some of it strange and some, down right creepy.
Vernacular photography is that of common everyday things and subjects. As wiki puts it “vernacular” is a quality of being indigenous or native.
On the left a photo from the novel, the right a standard vernacular from Google images



While having a look into this kind of image I found another kind of photography…Post-mortem photography! family photos taken with the deceased and posed to look alive. A common practice in that era.

Shortly after I found an article on a new blog I’ve been reading about a mannequin some people believe to be a well preserved corpse! Just look at that hand!

I love the kinds of things that give me chills, and even more so the subject looks interesting enough for a long term project. So here is where I am going to start developing my first project. Creepy photographic collections 😉