8 Cool Filofax or Day Planner Ideas

Things can get unorganized very rapidly. A once; fantastic, crisp, new day planner, schedule or system can soon become a disastrous mess imposing itself on your life. Okay well maybe it’s not that bad but you don’t have to wait for the new year with it’s new diary for that special, “I’m going to take this world: it’s mine!” attitude. Nor do you have to wait for spring to do some spring cleaning.
If you’re falling behind a little on your to-do lists and self management, maybe it’s time to give your day planner, or what ever system you feel has become cluttered, a wee make over. Throw out no longer needed notes and receipts that you’ve jammed in there, re-decorate, reorganize and make it fresh again!

Today I did this with my Filofax. Now it’s back to looking like the edible sandwich that I feel in love with.


Here are are 7 things that I have done to my planner that are really handy

#1 A clear slip at the front for frequent change of image.
Just like my computer and cellphone images, I get bored of them and change them almost as often as my underwear. Being able to change that first page so easily means I can freshen up my planner as often as I want! I can now keep multiple images in the slip too, just waiting for their chance to get on my cover 🙂


#2 A place to go when I need a pick-me-up.
Many filo fax owners have a page for some quotes and cheerful musings. I have done this but have also put in a page specifically for the darker days when “Shine like the stars!” really isn’t going to cut it. thus far I have only found one and placed a musing of my own. My filofax is always on me so it’s the perfect place to have a place.
20150421_172722   20150421_172823

#3 A scheduled for my ideal morning and night routine
I wrote out my ideal morning and night routines in the most efficient order and manner. If we prep before bed our mornings are easier and the better our morning routine the more productive we usually are: adding to the whole point of keeping an organizer!

#4 A list to check my bag is organised.
There are certain things you don’t want to be caught without. Panadol or Aspirin if you get a sudden migraine, a notebook for when inspiration strikes, your water bottle, pocket knife, spare phone battery or scarf (you wouldn’t believe how fantastic these things can be in some situations eg. injuries and make-shift belts or dog leads)
20150421_172852   20150421_172905

#5 A dashboard!
Using a piece of watercolor card I made a dashboard for key things that need urgent or prolonged attention but may not have particular time slots. Using small post-it type sticky tabs, which I stuck to a clear plastic insert, I can write on a keyword then stick it onto the dashboard and remove it when it is no longer needed.
   dashboard censored   20150421_172937

#6 A collection of symbols that are quick to draw.
I was looking for a good calender for my phone that had cool symbols like my tablet for daily scheduling. Unfortunately the only one I like so far is way too small to read but it did give me the idea to add the feature to my planner. I went on the hunt for lots of little easy to draw pictures and jotted them down on a page to use a reference. I can, of course, make them up as I go along but I have already found this quite useful.

#7 Note organization
I write a lot of notes as I go through my day, and at random times I need to recall some of these notes. So I used the file separators that came with this filo fax for that. I have one for books I want to read so when I can’t recall the title at the library I have that list ready and one for movies when I am stuck picking a movie at the video store. I have one for music to check out and ones for project and research ideas.

#8 A clear slip for misc. items
some of the things I like to keep on me don’t have to be lose at the bottom of my bag. So I made a slot for things like, loose note paper, postage stamps, emergency phone top up and stickers for keeping my Filofax looking edible.


If you have any cool ideas to share about your day planners or organizational systems, please let me know in the comments because sharing is caring 😀